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Benefits Of A Bath Bomb

Welcome to our 1st edition of our Bath ‘n’ Fizz blog!

The benefits of using bath bombs in your daily bath routine.

Who remembers the days of long ago when you used to have bath crystal rocks and bath pearls that looked very colourful but took ages to dissolve under running hot water? Once dissolved, you submerged yourself to the magical aroma and the soothing effect it gave to your skin. Fast forward a few decades, and you now have all the ingredients for a relaxing bath in a ball, A.K.A, the bath bomb!

 Why a bath bomb is a must for your daily bath soak?

After a long hard day’s work or looking after the kids (which, lets face it, can be much harder than a long hard day’s work!) nothing beats more, than a lovely soak, in a warm bath.

For example, our vegan friendly lavender bath bombs, are great for the therapeutic properties of fragrance oils which is ideal for creating a calming aromatherapy atmosphere right at the front door of your bathtub. The other ingredients, when released in your bath, helps to soften and locks moisture into your skin, which can at times get washed away with the use of regular bath soap. To sum it up, a bath bomb, with all its components, will soothe and indulge your body. With the moisture rich skin conditioning ingredients, it will help your skin soak in hydration. It will alleviate yours aches and pains, whilst best of all,  it turns your bath water into a magical blend of lively colours and beautiful aromas.

How do you use a bath bomb?

When your tub is halfway full, simply drop your bath bomb under the running water to activate a burst of fizzy agents. Swish the bath bomb through the water until it is completely dissolved. Get in and enjoy a beautiful, skin softening soak!