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Pina colada wax melt

Pina Colada Wax Melt

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Our wax mini melt pots are formulated from a natural vegan and paraben free eco soy wax. Using the highest quality fragrance oils, the mini melts will throw a gorgeous scent throughout your home.

• 100% Handmade
• Vegan Friendly
• Cruelty Free
• Clean Burning
• Natural Soy Wax
• Long lasting
• High Quality Fragrance Oils
• Perfectly Balanced

Our 90g wax melts are a great way of trying our scents out. Simply snap a piece of wax off and put it into a wax melt warmer. Once melted, the scents will be released. Each mini melt will fragrance your room for 16-24 hours.

For best results we recommend using either a tealight burner or an electric wax warmer for no longer than 4 hours.

The mini melts can be cooled and used again.

All wax melt pots come with fully compliant CLP labels.